Personal accounts of successful treatment
can help you find the right therapist for you

Acupuncture with Mark Butterworth

“Acupuncture always helps the physical problems I have. It helps me focus on the positive things in my life & not to stress over the pointless worries which often make me anxious. I always leave the treatment room feeling refreshed & ready for what life may throw at me next!” Holly, Dancer

Massage with Vicky Carter

“Vicky has increased the sense of calm and care in my life. Struck by her skill, compassion and professionalism from our very first session, I soon became a regular and very happy client. I was eighteen weeks pregnant when we met and strongly feel that Vicky tailors her practice to her client’s needs thanks to her impeccable training and heightened intuition. With a strong emphasis on healing, Vicky hits the golden three; tonic for the body, mind and soul!” L.A. Teacher

Counselling with Danielle SlaMmon

“My counselling sessions with Danielle were very useful. This was my first experience and I found them of great benefit. I was made to feel comfortable and felt I could be open and honest. Danielle’s outlook is very flexible and logical and I would definitely recommend her.”

Reflexology with Hilary Leach

"I saw Hilary throughout my pregnancy for regular reflexology treatments. As well as feeling wonderfully relaxing, the treatments helped me to manage my pregnancy symptoms. I would highly recommend for all mums-to-be." Michelle, Birmingham

Osteopathy with Adam Whatley

“I have always received professional, knowledgeable and very effective treatment for my degenerative lower back by Adam Whatley and I could not be happier with the treatment I have received” David L, Engineer, Solihull

Sports massage with Adrian Thomas

"Adrian responded really quickly to emails and got an appointment the next day. He is lovely, personable and very professional. He took his time trying to get out all the knots out of my arm, shoulders and neck so that I felt looser by the end of the session. Thankfully firm enough pressure to make a difference without making me squirm too much! Very reasonable prices for the service provided. Happy!" Gráinne Murphy, Birmingham

massage with jane hobbs

"Fantastic – utter bliss. Jane gave me a Mum-to-be massage – in just 60 minutes she has made me feel very relaxed, rested, blissful! Jane resolved my aching ribs and aching back; she put me at ease straightaway; she offered helpful advice and tips for managing pregnancy aches and pains. I will be returning repeatedly!" Jessica

Facial rejuvenation with andy millward

"Andy has been so helpful in assisting me with some problematic skin difficulties. He is soooo knowledgeable and passionate about his work and his holistic, professional approach is great. He is extremely interested and caring in his approach and treats everyone as an individual. His advice and treatments have definitely been a positive experience. I would certainly recommend anyone to seek his advice and take up his treatment suggestions. Thanks very much." K. Marshall

Another client's improved skin condition

Another client's improved skin condition

Psychotherapy with Cheryl Livesey

“I have found this therapy to be the most eye opening I’ve had to date and the ‘new’ me is ready and eager to get out there and be true to self. I can’t thank you enough for everything.” Female client, Worcestershire

“I would like to say thank you – it has helped me look at myself and do things differently, which have made me feel complete again.”
Female client, Midlands