These complementary treatments are often used to achieve a customised treatment programme with an understanding approach




Staff Therapist Mark Butterworth is an experienced acupuncturist who will put any client at ease. His work focuses on neck pain, headaches, digestive complaints and menopausal symptoms.


Reflexology and Bowen Technique:


Staff Therapist Hilary Leach (MAR, MIFPA, MBRA, MARR) specialises in fertility problems including maternity reflexology and pregnancy massage. Hilary is also a specialist in Bowen Technique for general well-being/pain relief. Other treatment options include reflexology lymphatic drainage.


Holistic GP:

Dr Lizzie Croton is an NHS GP who has trained in a number of holistic therapies to help clients free themselves from trauma, anxiety and live a fulfilling life. Her specialist interests are anxiety, stress and trauma, chronic pain and medically unexplained symptoms. 



Hannah Leach uses hypnosis for anxiety, depression, weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence and self-image, eating disorders and phobias